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So in the competition organized on my facebook page in the month of July with 35 entries, my team chose 2 winners and 1 was chosen by voting on facebook. (Album of participants ). The winners were  Devesh,Tushar and Madhukar. The idea of the competition was to give exposure to budding photographers who want to know what wedding photography is all about. All of them were called to be with my team and assist us in covering a wedding. They also had a chance to learn the skills and some tricks from my team. Unfortunately Devesh and Madhukar could not make it to the ceremonies and in the end only one photographer made it and assisted my team on the wedding day and his name is Tushar. He got to be with the team for good 9 hours and he was given a chance to work with my equipment from time to time. He got his hands on a full frame slr; Nikon D600 with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4. He was given tips and some guidance from Nilakkhya dutta and me as to how work in a wedding flows and what to look for in terms of shots. So here I am presenting some of the pictures from different  parts of the wedding.

Kudos to Tushar for Clicking wonderful pictures and giving memories to Gaurav’s family.

1. Tushar got this shot right outside the venue when the baratis were dancing.



2. Tushar got this moment inside the venue. We asked him to look for something interesting since weddings are full of action.

Kids play

Kids play

3. Tushar got this shot when the bride arrived. A technically decent shot.

Bride's arrival

Bride’s arrival

4. The team then moved to the mandap and there he got this shot of an important ceremony of the wedding. We asked him to get this kinda shot right and time it such that some kinda story can be narrated.

Agni ko sakshi man kar

Agni ko sakshi man kar

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