A bride’s story

Here is a Love story:

When a Little girl who is her Grand mom’s favorite kid gives her heart to the Prince charming, That’s Senjuti, the bride.

She chuckles & says for forever, she believed her grandmother was her only mother.

She is nostalgic as she hugged her favorite uncle from Calcutta & Her Maternal Grand Mom.


Senjuti_With_Yogesh_NKP_1178_20141225Not a traditional Bengali wedding, but an unconventional wedding, as the relatives greet each other. Bhalo Acchi.

Meet the Bride & Groom :

If I had met a bride with biggest grin even, It has to be Senjuti, hands down.

There is something about her smile & I’m sure Yogesh nods in agreement. Or wait , is he blushing ?

Yogesh is a coy bridegroom who is gushing over every sight of Senjuti.




Family Love :

While Senjuti’s mother is gracefully meeting & greeting everyone , I can see a tad little nervousness on her forehead. I complimented her endlessly throughout the night for her grace and composure.

When Senjuti made her way to the decorated stage for her ring ceremony, she is overwhelmed with the moment to come.

It’s like Yogesh & Senjuti are fitting into a frame forever.

So are the families. Tying the knot. Exchanging the vows.

Introductions & laughter on the stage is what I reckon. Blessings on the head, the traditional Indian way.




With Love :

Joan( Close Friend on Yogesh from Toronto present at the ceremony) says Yogesh is happy go lucky but only Senjuti can straighten him out.

And we break into laughter. Insider’s Story : Not many know, they Yogesh & Senjuti found each other at a Bollywood themed party. How Bollywood is that!

It took a while before Yogesh moved on to Red from his Yellow Flowers ? Senjuti Isnt ?

And the Story of two hearts (Caution- It is mushy) :

How much have you believed in the old adage ‘Love makes the world go around’ If earth is believed to be round, love takes a full circle and comes to you in the most metaphorical sense.

Like what happened for our love birds because nothing is very usual in this love story.

This is full of suspense Love story. Meeting in a bus ride? I hadn’t heard of it before but seeing this couple sitting in for ring ceremony, I realized what adventure the bus ride must have been. Popping them questions of how they met and both Yogesh and Senjuti were gushing to tell the love tale.

Like they were reconfirming my believe in what you are seeking is seeking you! *insert hearts*

Did they seize the love? On their first official date Senjuti was thinking love as a bitter leaf but she still decided to chew it and rest is history. I had only heard it that when love comes, you follow it blindfolded. And you reach the same destination. Yogesh is uncurling his fingers & looking at his ring as he stands committed to his beloved today. Senjuti (Bride ): It’s nearly four years of knowing each other and every moment is once in a lifetime with Yogesh.

Carving a love story , that’s how it was supposed to be.

The days are filled with lagoon like emotions, overwhelming and reaffirming at the same time. I feel as the luckiest bride. We are like rain & storm now. Can’t be complete without each other.

Yogesh (Bridegroom) is still Chafed on calmness & it seems his mind is racing in million directions to describe his love & he said how it is said best­ ‘I love her the Most’.

**Happy Ending**NKP_1505

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5 years ago

Beautiful, both the family and the story!

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