"Nikhil left his full time job at Aricent Technologies for the love of travel. He initially wanted to become a lecturer so he could travel in summer vacations. He later decided to go full time into photography and has hence build his entire career for the love of travel. See his travel tales below."


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A day in Shillong

A day in Shillong

It is day 1 of my journey to the North-eastern part of India.It is early morning and after playing Call…

Banaras : Life on ghats

Life in Banaras is “Ghats”. Everything is done on ghats. People eat,sleep,enjoy on ghats. They play cricket, they dance they…
Best 4 day trip

Best 4 day trip from Delhi : Trekking + Mountain pass + Lake + Road trip

How can you escape Delhi and hit the shortest road to see the most beautiful scenes and get the most amazing…

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