20 different effects of Trance, Alcohol and more. What people experience at music festivals?

After experiencing Sunburn and Supersonic festivals in Goa, I got a spark in my life. Especially after digging into the heads of its revelers. I felt something more than music and dance. I saw these revelers dance, shout and go crazy. But trance took them beyond these basic experiences. They went deep inside their head and experienced something beyond real. In an interview which happened in 1960’s, Jim Morrison from The Doors said that future of music will be about only one man playing everything on stage. To add to this I would also say that today’s music is not only about a Dj’, an artist playing all alone on stage but the reveler who dances alone with himself/herself. Its not about the world, its about an experience inside yourself. Its about connecting with yourself. Its about talking to yourself. The Artist is kinda connecting at one on one level with its audience. I am putting across some pictures which showcase different emotional experiences of revelers.


1. “Loving yourself” : I remember taking this shot. I wanted to see myself with a band on my head which represents the reveler in me. I am ultimately a reveler with camera and loads of love


2. “Freedom” : The beat of trance makes you kick and fist the air with energy as if you are playing the music


3. “Becoming a Goddess” : I found her to be like the Goddess of love : “Aphrodite”. She dressed up like a Greek goddess.


4. “Getting sloshed” : Off course when the dose is too much you dose off to sleep or you pass out


5. “Almost flying” : Reaching cloud 9. Touching higher levels of connection


6. “Fear” : Probably a strange thought kicks in. You start fearing or repelling the sound


7. “Monkey effect” : You become an animal. You look like a monkey. You jump like one.


8. “Tension” : Tensed faces, looking at you with confusion


9. “Dancing with yourself” : You turn around, get a little away from your friends because you want to dance just with yourself.


10. “Wannabe dancers” : Some of them know nothing about this music. They are there because the world is there


11. “Sadness”


12. “Love for mother earth”


13. “The ghost” : You become aggressive, you scare people because you are a ghost


14. “Feeling Beautiful” : You tend to become more beautiful


15. “Center of the universe” : Everything revolves around you or perhaps you are revolving around everything


16. “Killing yourself with smoking” : Smoking or smoking up into the air


17. “The Joker” : Bringing out the Joker in you


17. “Mood swings” :Smiling one moment and getting serious in the next


18. “Finding Isolation” : The moment when you are trying to find isolation. All that you can do is probably sit down and shut up.


19. “Desire to be anonymous”: Fearing that your parents would see you back home you become Anonymous and his fearful girl


20. “King of the world”

The revelers make up any festival, they build a festival. I wanted to see this festival through their eyes, through their exploration. If you haven’t been to any of these festival then be there and explore yourself.

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