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Award winning documentary photographer based out of Delhi

A personal note from Nikhil

" Hey there !

I am glad you are reading this. The whole website might make more sense if you read further. Here is my story.

I was a regular kid in school and liked to try new stuff. I was always scoring 75-80% in class exams and was in top 15 students in terms of study. I loved playing cricket and basketball. I loved sketching on paper using a pencil as it gave me a way to express since I was a big introvert. In 6th standard my english teacher asked me to give a speech at a competition and I got sleepless nights. But I did it eventually and didnt embarrass her. Then in my high-school I was struggling to do well in Chemistry. While I was going through this usual routine of an average school kid I knew I wanted to do arts. I kept picking on some or the other art as a hobby. In college I made a band by the name "Velvet Minion" and sang songs on stage. Yeah I had long hair and I really head banged hard.

At the same time I realized my love for travel and also animation. I figured there is only one way to live this life; follow your heart. I realized I wanted to do a lot in life. Then I went for my Masters in computer science in 2007 and my life as a student was coming to an end. I suddenly realized that i'll have to work 9-6 eventually and all this Art Dream might get shattered. A typical middle class kid hardly gets the freedom to pursue his dreams. He/She must stick to the safe path. While looking for jobs I also discovered my crazy love for Photography.

I would read magazines after magazines and do travel after travel shooting from digital camera. Oh by the way my parents never bought me a digital camera. I used to work part time and taught math to students in US. From that job I saved some money and bought a Canon S5 IS camera. I initially loved macro and shot a lot of close ups. While I was romancing with photography, the final half-year of Masters arrived. I wanted to become a lecturer as they get summer vacations. I thought I would travel completely in those vacations. Ill have more time for photography and travel. But I could not clear NET exam which is mandatory for becoming a lecturer.

So what do you think I did eventually?  Tell my parents that  "I wanted to be a full time photographer?"

No it didnt happen !   went to work at Aricent technologies as a software engineer in Dec, 2010. Yes I realized I will not be able to get out of this life ever.  I will have to work my way into this life just like any other middle class boy.

But but but !! Life found the better of me and I finally realized that my love for photography is too intense. I think it was the unsettlement in life which was not letting me be OK with all this. I went to appear for NET exam once again and cleared  it while I was working as a software engineer.  I finally quit my job in May 2013 and went for lecturer interviews. The funniest bit was that I couldn't clear a single lecturer interview and I was left with no job at all. A situation like this is poison for a 27 year old middle class boy. On one hand my family is asking  about my marriage plans and here I am without a job with a camera in hand.

HOWEVER that was my destiny !  I decided to take photography seriously and began my career as a free-lancer. I started doing weddings and picked up very quickly. My initial clients were my core support and I thank  them  till date for their trust.

I love my work and never get tired of shooting. I love observing the world in twilight. I will shoot on my DSLR or on my mobile phone. I love doing work which is challenging or that brings something refreshing into this world. If you like challenges too then we will be a successful collaboration. Get in touch with me !


Nikhil won "100 strangers" competition in 2017 which was organized by Sigma. A total of 8,000 entries were submitted.


He Entered top 10 in Better photography's Wedding photographer of the year 2013 (Category : Behind the Scenes)


He bagged Second position in a Photography competition organized by Sdmimd, Karnataka in 2013.


Nikhil also worked in a horror film produced by a Hollywood studio. He worked there as a Drone cinematographer in 2017. The film was shot in Jim Corbett National park and is due for release in 2018.


Nikhil worked as photographer and cinematographer for a Discovery channel project in 2018. The show will be aired on Discovery channel India.


His travel photographs have been featured so many times in Lonely planet and Conde Nast traveller


Nikhil is sponsored by Adobe India and he gives online sessions for Adobe webinar series.