The Bride’s Eye view : Myriad emotions of a bride on her wedding day

What is a wedding day? A day when two individuals who wish to be forever together exchange vows , a day when families get together to be a part of this holy unison of two souls. .  Let’s try to look at it from Bride’s perspective, it is the day she has been waiting for ever since. A day when she is united  with the man, who as they call it, her ‘better half’ who is going to look after her and love her. She experiences a melange of emotions and for her it is more like living in a dream. I thought of doing such a story to understand what a bride goes through on her wedding day. So welcome the bride “Richa Bahl” who got married on 25th Nov ’13. I asked her to pen down the experience of her wedding day for this blog post and what you read from here on is written by her. Enjoy the experience from a bride’s eye.

The wedding day was a roller coaster ride. I felt going crazy to tense to sad but still it was the “perfect day” of my life. I realized, that things I have been telling my family since childhood about the way I wanted to look on wedding day were all taken so seriously by them. I’m sure my sister made a note of each of them.

It was the transition day of GTRB(Gaurav Tandon Richa Bahl) to GTRT(Gaurav Tandon Richa Tandon) and this thought kept me excited and pumped up the entire time. I just wanted to look perfect for my man and according to him I over achieved the target.. Lol 

From getting ready at the parlor to waiting for the Baraat, the only thought I had in mind was that this is my day – “OUR day” – and I will make the most of every moment.

Now, writing this, I feel that I went through so many different phases in just one night laced with varied emotions. – Richa


“In the parlor while getting all decked up, I prayed that I look the best for him and hence was a little tensed about it.” – Richa












While waiting in the bride’s room at the venue I was excited that my best friend, who was also my boyfriend (blush, blush – wink, wink) will be my husband. I’m sure a lot of people saw me doing crazy stuff like dancing in the bride’s room when I  heard the baraat shouting their lungs out and remembering times and narrating stories to my friends about the shittiest and craziest of things Gaurav and I had done.” – Richa








Then came the time when I had to go to the stage and that was scary! Every possible individual around (except the waiters I believe) was staring at me. The funny thing was that in spite of being scared of losing my singleton and so on and so forth, I still didn’t want to part with the child in me. I remember calling my sister out to the front and telling her that I wanted a “dhamakedaar” entrance and I actually danced…hahaha.. That was a moment of a lifetime. I didn’t want to regret anything later so I did what my heart wanted.” – Richa



Within few minutes of me getting on the stage I was back to my original self – excited :p  – which went on for long until feras (seven vows) and then the vidai time came. Shit, that is one thing I can cry over right away.” – Richa









Gaurav pampers Richa while she continues crying

I have always been very possessive about my family, my people, my friends and now one fine day after few ceremonies I had to leave the best set of people who matter the most to me, whom I can die for.. I had to move onto a new life – a new beginning. One good thing about this  is that the new family I have moved in to is equally awesome and love me to the core. They treat me as their family and not an outsider.” – Richa


Kissing Goodbye

You know what, I thought that it would be hard to express “my day” in words. But I guess I can go on and on forever and write a book.. The day was full of love, excitement, surprises (The credit for which completely goes to my family) ” – Richa

The journey from being a Girl to a Bride is indeed once in a lifetime experience. I cherish being a part of the most important day of someone’s life. I thank all my brides through this post for opening up to me and giving me such wonderful photographs.

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